STOP Selling Paver Patios!

Learn how to design & sell 6 figure outdoor living spaces

Qualify your leads, eliminate sticker shock, and enjoy running your business!

You deserve to WIN!

The problem is, you struggle with:

We believe that you deserve a business that you’re proud of while living a life you enjoy!

Stop chasing clients who will waste your (and their) time!

We get that you started your business to make more money and to live life on your terms.

We did the same and it wasn’t always easy! That’s why we have spent the last 24 years testing and perfecting a sales system that delivers consistent results, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Transform your business with our step-by-step training system!


Schedule a discovery call with one of our coaches to discuss your business goals and path forward

Learn the Systems

Live interactive classes, conversations, and hands on learning experiences

Attain Mastery

Attend the live coaching and Q&A sessions. Role play. Improve and master.


Apply in the real world. Double or triple your close rate. Work with better clients.

Reserve a space now. To ensure the highest standards of care for our clients, we can only accommodate a limited number of outdoor living design/build professionals at a time.

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Stressful business → Successful Business

This proven system will help you become a successful business owner who enjoys time with their family, takes long vacations throughout the year, operates a business that they are proud of, and employs a team who wants to win!

The secret to signing up the best new clients

Too many outdoor living & landscaping design/build professionals struggle …

  • They go out nights and weekends chasing every lead
  • They miss family events … kids’ baseball games, dance recitals, and too many family dinners
  • They bite more than they can chew and work with picky clients who make their lives difficult

Bottom line:
They don’t know how to get control of a business that now runs them!

At YES Express we believe you deserve better than that.

Outdoor Living Design/Build Professionals like yourself create masterful home landscapes that deliver long-lasting satisfaction for your clients and their families.

You deserve to be insanely successful for doing that. That means working less and earning more. 

We understand you started your business to make more money and to live life on your terms. 

That’s why we have spent the last 24 years testing and perfecting a sales system specifically for the landscape design/build professionals that delivers consistent results, EVERY TIME.

Hello. I am Joshua Gillow, founder of YES Express! I have operated my own outdoor living & landscaping design/build company for 24 years. 

I loved the work and the satisfaction my team and I brought to clients’ lives. 

But for many years, I struggled. 

Like practically all of us in this business, I jumped at every lead. Someone called, and I’d make an appointment for an in-person consult. 

Getting them to sign up was hit or miss. 

Sometimes, I felt “in the zone” and really did well on those in-person consults. 

Other times, I was off my game. Maybe there was traffic on the way there, or I had too many things to think about. Some clients threw me off track and the conversation just got lost. But that’s just the nature of the beast, right?

Guess what? 


What ALL successful business owners know
(at least those who have lives, and time and money freedom) is this secret:

ONLY systems grant you the ability to successfully sell on the worst day of your life!

You cannot rely on how you feel or whether the stars are aligned during the conversation.
You cannot guess at what to say. 
That is a loser’s game.

It’s the game ALL of us are playing.



You Deserve to Win

After you master this system,
what will happen?

Sign the BEST clients for your business


Double or triple your close rate

Unify your entire team

Balance personal and professional life

Save TONS of time and money

I’ve been running my business for 15 years and I have a team of 14 employees. After 1 week of the Yes Express Masterclass, I discovered strategies to speed up the sales process and make dialogue with customers more efficient. This led my business to see positive results. Take this class and you’ll improve your effectives and your results – which is what it’s all about!

Cheri Stringer

Owner & Principal, TLC Gardens

The #1 and #2 Mistakes Outdoor Living Design/Business Professionals Make …

Don’t waste time chasing every lead.
Don’t fail to get the budgets upfront.
Don’t lose valuable family time.
And don’t settle for working with picky clients who take away the enjoyment of your business.​


At YES Express, we know you want to be wickedly successful!

We believe anyone who is willing to work as hard as you do should be successful, work only with awesome clients who pay you what you are worth, and live life on your terms!

We get how frustrating it is to spend all those nights and weekends away from your family chasing every lead all to find out the majority say NO. 

We also understand how overwhelming it is to run a successful landscaping business, balance personal life, AND be profitable. 

Well, you’re not alone!

This is precisely why we have spent the last 24 years in the trenches testing proven strategies and perfecting this sales system for our own outdoor living design/build business. 

This system will eliminate frustration, unify your team, and deliver incredible results quickly, saving tons of time and money.

Now it’s time to stop second-guessing your sales skills, and discover a process that will build confidence and increase your closing rates to 90%.

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