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Meet Joshua Gillow

Joshua Gillow

Joshua Gillow loves to travel and is in love with life. He is a family man, coach, entrepreneur & passionate creator who lives to serve others while collecting beautiful moments along the way. His humble beginnings started at age 5 working in his family’s garden center.  He enjoyed this hard work in the family business until the age of 18 when in 1996 he, his father, and brother started a design/build company, TimberRock Landscaping.

Joshua and his family grew that business to become a staple serving their community and surrounding areas.

In 2011, After 15 years with TimberRock, his heart yearned for more so he parted ways to start his first independent company.  This new passion-driven business, MasterPLAN Outdoor Living, is a design/manage firm whose mission is to create the most comfortable, efficient, and beautiful outdoor spaces on the planet while providing the highest level of customer experience. Over his 25-year career in this industry, he and his amazing team have designed, sold, and built over $40 million (and counting) in outdoor living projects.

In 2020, Joshua was once again called to step into his ever-growing passion by launching a one-of-a-kind coaching program specifically for landscapers, hardscapes, and outdoor living professionals called YES Express Sales Academy.  This program is where he and his team are able to teach his tried and tested design/manage business model, sales systems, and secrets that are the core to his continued success. This step-by-step training is specifically aimed at the growth-focused go-getters in our industry. Since we started this journey, we have been blessed to train over 100 business owners and teams just like you how to make 2X the revenue in 1/2 the time.

In 2021, he started The Outerspaces Podcast to help his beloved industry with Sales/Communication, Business, and Mindset. He is a passionate podcaster and LOVES interviewing incredible guests to share their life-changing business/life stories.

Joshua also branched out into Real Estate and retired his family in just over 1 year.

He and his team are also heavy in the Media space, creating life-changing content for business owners, serial entrepreneurs, and coaches to empower their audiences.

Joshua has an insatiable love of learning, communicating, adding massive value, and more importantly, getting things done.

When not “working”, you will find Joshua spending quality time with his wife, Bryn, and 2 sons Jakob and Oliver, hiking epic mountains with his tribe, helping people become unstoppable leaders unleashing their true potential, and daydreaming about the next adventure or more accurately, asleep by 7:43pm on the couch in the middle of the movie 🙂

Outerspaces Podcast

Outerspaces Podcast

A podcast dedicated to empowering Landscapers, Hardscapers, and Outdoor Living Professionals striving to grow their company well past the million-dollar line. With almost 3 decades of experience Designing, Selling and Building 6-figure outdoor living spaces, Joshua Gillow shares tips, strategies, and contractor success stories in weekly episodes of Outerspaces. Let’s begin our journey of growth and success together!

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