Sales Accelerator 2.0

Why You Need This

Who was Sales Accelerator built for?

Contractors and their teams who:

  • Hate selling people stuff and want to get away from “transactional selling”.
  • Want to become more efficient and effective in their sales process.
  • See the value in getting to know their clients to better serve them.
  • Struggle with traditional HIGH-pressure unethical sales tactics.
  • Wants to build a sales team that treats their clients morally, leading with their hearts.
  • Would love to learn how to help their clients buy “transformationally” through a fun, memorable structured conversation that gets results!
  • Want to do more profitable projects between $1k – $25k+ where a design isn’t needed.
  • Want to drive their closing rate up 50 – 75% or more mining a ton more revenue from the exact same yearly ad spend.
  • Want to spend more time working ON their business instead of IN it.
  • Want to spend more time with their families.

How does it work?

  • This is an online program you can learn from the comfort of your office or home.
  • You will only invest approx. 2 hrs to actively learning… and be able to implement immediately.
  • No live classes to attend.
  • Need a refresher, no problem – 6-month access to the platform.
  • Learn whenever you want – 24 hr access.
  • Easy-to-learn content taught by video lessons.
  • Download the SHORT FORM Call Guide PDF on the online learning platform and begin using it today.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We will guide you through an easily repeatable step-by-step process that we have perfected over 25 years in our very own multi-million dollar outdoor living design / manage company.
  • We will teach you how to do it in the online class and give you a downloadable SHORT FORM PDF to use to implement immediately.
The Goods

This 1-Step, easy to implement 10 minute structured initial phone call will help you

  • Introduce your company and make sure they are excited to work with you.
  • Make a more solid connection with your prospective client.
  • Discover the exact needs of your prospective client.
  • Make sure they are an ideal fit for your company, and you are an ideal fit for them!
  • Find out if there are objections lurking in the background… ( budget, other contractors, etc.)
  • Uncover their budget – EVERY TIME – Before you meet them onsite
  • Set expectations for the first onsite meeting.
  • And so much more…
Be Empowered

Our Promise To You

When learned fully and implemented consistently, this simple step-by-step process will save you tons of wasted time from tire kickers, and give your company the feeling of a professional firm. It will empower both you and your clients to make better decisions which will lead to more referral work.