Design and Sales Master Classes To Double Your Outdoor Living Design/Build Business in 1 Year

  • Design Mastery Class – Learn to 2x-3x your average job size and increase property value
  • Sales Mastery Class – Close 2x the number of Sales in 1 year that you’re doing now
  • Bigger jobs + More Clients = Powerful, Consistent Growth

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The Yes Express Outdoor Living Design Mastery Course
Double or Triple Your Average Job Size While Creating Raving-Fan Clients

People pay for value, not work. Create premium value for your clients and you can charge premium prices. Learn step-by-step the proper outdoor living space design that clients love and increases their property values. That creates raving fan clients who refer you to their friends and colleagues.

Create Your Own Signature Design Style And You Can Demand Your Price

Too many outdoor living design/build professionals miss opportunities on projects.

That’s because clients rarely understand outdoor living design and do not know how to maximize their space or create beautiful, comfortable spaces that INCREASE the value of their property.

In this course, we will show you step-by-step in 7 weeks how to design outdoor living space like a top professional. You’ll learn:

  • The 3 Zones That Sell and how to incorporate them into your design (this is the best layout money can buy and you will master it)
  • The Design Factors that Increase Property Value (so your clients will think in terms of return on investment and not just budget)
  • How to Use the Right Measurement Tools (accurate measurements = Profit)
  • The Key for Creating Your Own Signature Design that allows you stand out from the crowd, wow clients, and demand your price
  • The Proven Way to Prepare and Present Your Design for Maximum Impact (great design doesn’t sell itself)
  • How to Select & Properly Size Design Features (such as patios, decks, fire, water, landscape, pools, and structures)
  • And much, much more.

Bottom line: You’ll come out of this course ready to double or triple your average job size.

What's Included:

The Yes Express Outdoor Living Design Mastery Course is a 7-week, easy-to-follow online training course with interactivity. You can set your own schedule and learn at your own speed. 


Let me tell you what we’re NOT doing. 


We are NOT throwing you into a pre-recorded course and saying “Good Luck.”


We have LIVE weekly DESIGNpods to keep you personally accountable. 


We want to get the most out of this training. We don’t want to be something you paid for, dabbled in, and didn’t get what you need. 


We’re not going to let that happen. 

The Outdoor Living Design Master Class will include the following modules:

  • How to lay out a proper outdoor living space 
  • How to properly take measurements 
  • How to correctly draw a basemap
  • How to sketch your idea 
  • How to convert your layout into a 3D model using the software of your choice
  • How to decide which elements will be part of the design
  • How to prepare for the presentation (in person and zoom)
  • How to present your ideas to your client
  • How to prepare build drawings


Don’t settle for mediocre designs. Make design one of your biggest strengths. Book a call now to learn more.

Now That You’ll Be Able to Design Like a Top Professional, what next?

Being able to design and build a great outdoor living space is an awesome, differentiating skill.

If you do not have a systematic way to lead conversations with prospects, you’ll struggle to turn them into clients:

  • Prospects may be looking for free ideas
  • Prospects may love your idea but take it to another contractor to build
  • Prospects may not like even the awesome ideas you present.


Worse, they may pay a premium price for a terrible, poorly thought out outdoor design from someone else.

When you do what you love, doesn’t that really piss you off?

Yeah. Me, too. That’s why you have to Master Sales as well.

The Yes Express Sales Mastery Training

Close TWICE the Number of Deals in 1 year with Sales Mastery Training

Great sales people lead conversations. They uncover needs and solve problems. Most of all, they show people the value of the solutions they provide to the prospects’ problems. In the Yes Express Sales Mastery Training, you’ll learn how to do all this and more.

Stop chasing bad leads.
Always know what to say. Use a proven system
that allows you to close deals on your worst day

Unqualified leads kill outdoor design/build businesses. You waste time traveling to homes of people who aren’t qualified to buy.

Or you serve picky (and barely profitable) clients because you feel you have no choice. You move NON-STOP to make ends meet, and miss out on precious time spent with loved ones.

And the worst part is all this is unnecessary.

You don’t need to rely on energy levels or charisma to “convince” people to buy. (You’re not in the convincing business, for starters.)

What you need is a sales system to lead conversations from pre-qualification to close. When you learn this system, you will never be stuck for what to say and you will naturally lead people to commit to what they want, and to the solutions you provide.

In this Sales Mastery Class, we will show you step-by-step in 7 weeks how to execute the leading sales system in the outdoor living design/build industry. This doubled my sales in 1 year, and it has done the same for dozens of clients since its launch.

After this class, you will:

→ Always know what to say. You are leading a conversation, and you are not guessing at what to say and what people may be interested in or react to

→ Stop wasting time and money chasing bad leads. You will clear your calendar of all people who are not ready to buy and not able to afford you.

→ Get all the decision makers involved. No “I need to talk it over with my spouse …” Whoever needs to decide will be there and ready to make a decision.

→ #1 Thing Your Client Is Most Likely to Buy. No long wish lists, no going over budget, no unrealistic dreams.

→ Get the Budget Every Single Time. No budget, no meeting. You will learn how to guide this conversation, too.

→ Close deals even on your worst day. You’re not relying on your feelings or energy that day … you are executing a system that you’ve practiced and mastered.

→ Build an Awesome Sales Team. You’ll be closing more sales (and much bigger sales), so you’re going to need some help.


→ Charge for Design. No more free design work. Learn how to charge a premium for your design

What’s Included:

The Yes Express Sales Mastery Class is a 7-week, easy-to-follow online training course with interactivity. You can set your own schedule and learn at your own speed.

Let me tell you we’re NOT doing.

We are NOT throwing you into a pre-recorded course and saying “Good Luck.”

We have weekly live Q&As and LIVE Role Plays to keep you personally accountable. We want to get the most out of this training. We don’t want to be something you paid for, dabbled in, and didn’t get what you need.

We’re not going to let that happen.

The Sales Mastery Class will include the following modules:

  • Mastering the Initial Call. This is a crucial, time-saving phone call that screens out the “bad leads” and begins a relationship with qualified leads.
  • Using the Yes Express Sales Master Questionnaire. Learn the pitfalls and avoid the lost opportunities to serve clients at a deeper level.
  • Learning the Discovery Call. This is a step by step sequence. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by asking the wrong question at the wrong time.
  • Taking the Fear Out of the Discovery Meeting. Now you go to meet the prospect. Take the stress out of it by executing the system.
  • Collecting Your First Money. How to ask and collect the design fee to get started.

NOW: You can either combine both 7 week Design and Sales courses and enjoy some serious time /money savings or pay more and do them individually. Your choice.

Either way, let’s help you improve your design and selling skills, so you can double your project size, close twice as many sales, and get more time for you and your loved ones … all in just 1 year. Book a call now.

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